i need some intel about johnnay 5...

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i need some intel about johnnay 5...

Postby kaister08 » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:00 am

ok well hello everyone i am new on this site and i need some intel about johnny 5 obviously well i REALLY REALLY wanna make an exact copy of johnny 5 ... now... i know their are some people that have made a johnny 5 but out of clay or something like that... well i was talking to a friend and he said i should make him out of aluminum well do you guys think i should make him outta that? or what should i use? i wanna use something that is metal or look and feels like metal something that is very durable and light weight... can anyone help? also i was wondering if anyone has any contacts to other people or something so i could get exact measurements? also i really need help on an AI program for him if anyone can help me with that? i will be good to go and eternally grateful... all i would need after this would be designs on how to make the eyes so he can use them and then the LEDS for red and white... but yah please answer AS SOON AS POSSIBLE thankyou :)

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