Images found in Short Circuit 1!

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Images found in Short Circuit 1!

Postby Johnny5Gold » Sat Feb 08, 2014 3:04 pm

For those who have actually watched the first Short Circuit film, I wanted to point out a couple of images I took note of in the movie. For openers, when Stephanie goes to report Johnny Five to Nova, and Dr. Marner, if one looks closely enough at a paper pinned to Marner's cubicle, then you'll actually see that its the original drawing for Johnny's design. Then in another scene, the one where Johnny attacks Nova and is shut down by Newton, right as Benjamin is explaining to her that "It is not being a him", take a look past the windshield of the Nova Van, and you'll see a pair of glowing red eyes.

#1 is in defensive mode, but within a few seconds later, we see him again, out on the grass, where he originally was!

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