Life in Montana

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Life in Montana

Postby ensjesse » Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:13 pm

Howdy fellow J5 fans! So nice to see such a great group of individuals here showing enthusiasm for Johnny. Glad I found this place. So I thought I would kick off my first ever post discussing the relationship or hypothetical relationship between Newton and Stephanie. In the first film it is hinted at the end that Newton has land in Montana and we obviously know Stephanie loves animals and a space in Montana would be perfect for that. In the second movie we find out that J5 is still living with them until he arrives in the city. Watching the first movie I always wondered what their next adventure or turn was. Where did that road they were driving down head? Obviously they stayed together but do you think Stephanie or Newton were the type to get married? They definitively seemed adventurous. And with J5 so crazy for input, where do you think he would have gone? What would he do in his daily routine?


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