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Short Circuit | Short Circuit 2 | Other


No official Short Circuit soundtrack was ever released. It's a shame because the music is absolutely beautiful. The score, composed by David Shire, won a BMI Film Music Award in 1987. Years ago, I came into contact with a collector who had the soundtrack. He managed to get some backup tapes from a studio engineer who worked on the film. He agreed to send me a copy of the soundtrack on CD. So now, many years after the film's debut, I present the unofficial Short Circuit soundtrack.

Short Circuit soundtrack
by David Shire

Opening Credits
Bridge Chase
The Discovery
Night Camp
Escape To Freedom

While no music from original soundtrack was released, a CD of movie music was produced in the UK with performances by the Budapest Studio Symphony Orchestra and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra in 1995. Selections from Short Circuit are included in the CD titled Ghost: Classic Fantasy Film Music, Volume 2.

Getaway/Night Camp/Finale
Music by David Shire
Performed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Shortly after getting the original soundtrack, I found a 45 rpm record of "Come And Follow Me" (end credits song) for sale online. I didn't know it existed so I had to have it. I had it digitally recorded and now have this pristine version to share.

Come And Follow Me
by Max Carl and Marcy Levy

Here is the Short Circuit theme song by El Debarge from Debarge: Ultimate Collection.

Who's Johnny
by El Debarge



Number Five's Theme
by Charles Fox



Come And Follow Me, remixes
DJ Stompy
Brisk Mix
Happy Hardcore

Song: Girls Love Robots
Album: Chip
Artist: Pollen