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Today was the day Nova Robotic was about to unveil the S.A.I.N.T robot, Stragic Artificially Intelligent Nuclear Transport, a robot for military use. At that moment Dr Howard Marner was startled by the sound of a bolt of lightning, four of the S.A.I.N.T prototypes drove past, these were not no.1, 2, 3 ect but early versions of them they were called the V1 S.A.I.N.Ts, today they would be serving food to people gathered to see the real robots. The lightning had frightened him because one year ago a V1 had been damaged by a power surge, it was Crosbys day off so they sent George Goodham who had been Crosby's assistant to get the robot thankfully the robots laser had been disarmed so nobody was hurt except the robot. The robot was destroyed by Skroeder had made sure of that, not a single microchip was left intacted, George had said the robot was artificially intelligent but no one believed him and he was fired and replaced by Ben Jabituya who did not belive a robot could ever think for itself.

Dr Marner decided to check up on Croby and on the way to his lab he saw what was left of the V1, when Crosby returned he was told that its motor control unit had malfunctioned and security had gone a little too far. When Marner got to Dr Newton Crosby's lab he saw him loadind programs into the real S.A.I.N.Ts the programs allowed them to use there lasers, as he walked past NO.1 he asked it how it was to which the robot replied in an electronic voice "100% operational" he repeated this with all the droids but when he got to NO.5 it said "I am fine how are you?" Marner turned to Crosby and said "what is this?" Crosby said he was trying to make it seem more human, Marner said "well get rid of it I want the robots to say 100% operational" Crosby changed it back to the more robotic version and Number Five said 95% operational Crosby explained that it's surge protector was out but it was nothing to worry about Marner also said to switch off the A.I. circuits as Five was in Marners office and had destroyed most of his files while examining them. Crosby instructed a robotic arm to give a certain gesture in Marners direction but some how it came out as a thumbs up which he took as a compliant.

Marner was in the same van as the robots along with Ben and Skroeder, Marner had only became president of Nova recently before that he had worked on the robots with Crosby, from the V1s to number four but five was different Crosby had built him alone and had given it more A.I. than any other robot at times it seemed almost human like the V1. If the same mistake occurred he was sure security would know what to do. In the distance lightning struck almost assuring him that it would not be a normal day.