Short Circuit


Steve Guttenberg (as Newton Crosby), Fischer Stevens (as Ben Jabituya), Ally Sheedy (Stephanie Speck)

Newton Crosby is a shy, sheltered computer genius who has designed the world's most advanced robots. The military has armed them with lasers to create the perfect mobile weapons, but everything changes when a bolt of lightning zaps the robot and brings him to life. Escaping from its home at Nova Robotics, the "living" robot encounters Stephanie Speck. She and Number Five form a loving friendship. But they have to keep outsmarting Crosby. Nova's trigger-happy security chief is also determined to get the robot .

They built twenty J5, doubles, stunt robots, shoot em up robots and spares " and the real jonny five  is not worth 11 million , (only ) 1.2 million . The guy who built him, is named Eric Allard. He owns a company called all effects inc. they built all of the j5's for short circuit 1 and 2 , and they did other things like built the suits for the teenage mutant ninja turtles movies , and they also built the little pink enegizer bunny. Eric got his start by building a smalll robot named PAL for a japanese expo , it was that robot the producers from Short Circuit saw in the screening when they were looking for someone to build the robot. Jonny five was built in a little over three months, he required 9 roboteers to operate "I'm Not sure why , i guess 1 for gross motor movements , 1 for each arm  1 For the head , one for the eyes , and .... By the time the second movie was made , Eric and his crew "some 70 people " had created a telemetry control suit , which was kind of like a metal backpack with two arms on it , the main roboteer "they needed only three for the second movie" wore this telemetry suit , and sat on something somewhat like a modified "actually it was a modified " swivel base office chair , this allowed one robot to control both arms , and the waist ..... then 1 other person was assigned the job of facial expression , and another got the job of gross motor control "rolling around.

Short Circuit 2


Fischer Stevens (as Ben Jahrvi), Michael McKean (as Fred Ritter) Cynthia Gibb (as Sandy Banatoni), Jack Weston (as Oscar Baldwin)

Johnny Five is back and taking the big city by storm. Upbeat Johnny's out for some "urban input" , but some street hoods, a greedy banker and a gang of crooks see is naiveté as their high-tech ticket to easy street. J5 goes to help Ben Jahrvi to build J5 toys.

Short Circuit 3

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